Relocation Specialist Agent Access

'Agent Access' allows read-only access to records assigned to the agent
Below are Frequently Asked Questions about this option.

Will agents be able to change/update records?      No. Agents will be able to login and view their records but will not be able to change anything.
Will agents be able to delete anything?      No. Agents will be able view their records but will not be able to delete anything.
What new Tools will the agents have?      Special buttons have been added for agents to 'View Active' records, 'View Pending' records,
and 'View Closed' records, or 'View All' records.
What will the agent be able to see?     The agent may view the Referrals table record, all (Public-only) Notes and the Closing information.
The agent will not be able to view
Can I change which agents have access to their records?     Yes. You may change the agents and their settings anytime.
Can the agents change their own login settings?     No. Agents may login, view records, provide updates and add new records.
How does the agent provide updates?     The agent logs in, selects a record and clicks the 'Send Update' button, completes the online page and SUBMITs the page.
The results are posted to the Responses table where the ReloSpec user reviews them as always.
How does the agent ADD a new record?     The agent clicks the 'ADD NEW' button and completes the Referral Submit Form.
The new record is inserted into the Import table for review by the ReloSpec user.
When the Referral Submit Form opens it will have the agent's information already entered in the appropriate fields.
What is the cost for Agent Access?

     The cost is $20 per agent license, and it will add $10 per agent to the annual Maintenance.
If you purchase during March 2013, the first 5 agent licenses are free. You'll just pay the annual Maintenance fee beginning next year.
Can agents use their smart phones?

     Yes. Agents may access their records using their smart phones, tablets, PCs or any Internet-ready device.
What reports are available to the agent?     Initially the 'Scorecard-Agent' report will be available from the Main Menu page.
Other reports will be available soon.
How can I view the Agent Access?     Go to the ReloSpec Main Menu page and login using AgentDemo/AgentDemo for the ID/Password.