Relocation Specialist is a product unlike any other you will find in the marketplace! First and foremost, Relocation Specialist is Web-based which means that you can access live data from any personal computer in the world, with an Internet connection. Wherever you are, you will always have hands-on access to your data, your client's contact information and your reports. Secondly, software updates and product enhancements are completed for you automatically! We take care of all the maintenance and ensure the product operates smoothly, with no hassles on your end! Your data is housed on a secure server and backed-up every day!

    A few of the most raved about features are:

  • Keep all Inbound, Outbound, Rental and other records in one web-based database
  • AutoPilot automatically creates and sends update requests to agents
  • AutoUpdate automatically updates the database with the responses from agents and other contacts
  • Use the SEND button to instantly send referrals to any other broker’s Relocation Specialist database

Action Plans allow you to set-up the way a new referral is handled with one keystroke. For example, let's say with every new referral you like to A) Email a custom letter to the client, B) Assign the referral, C) Send a Referral Confirmation to the source, D) Schedule yourself to check- in with the client and E) Send Update requests to the Agent every two weeks. You could create ONE action plan that sets A, B, C, D & E into motion... AUTOMATICALLY!!!!

Importing from other databases. Import records into Relocation Specialist from a variety of websites and other sources. For those sales leads that come in the form of emails, you can have the data within the email extracted and imported into Relocation Specialist automatically! See our Leads Processing (eGrabber) page for more information.

The Tickler displays all To Do items not yet completed including Update Requests not yet completed by the agents.