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After purchase, what is the schedule of events?

Updating User Information, Adding New Users  

Security Groups

Assign a Security Group

Why am I getting a yellow error box when I login?

I have added a new User, so why can't they login?

How do I add a 'ReloSpec Login' icon to my PC's Desktop?

What to do next?  (Offices, Agents and Contacts)





After purchase, what is the schedule of events?

Once you have purchased the ReloSpec licenses, here is what happens next:

  1. Your SQL web-based database will be created
  2. We create the ID/Password for the first person to access the database
  3. An email is sent to Jennifer ( letting her know the details of your purchase
  4. Jennifer will assign a trainer to contact you to set a date for ReloSpec Basic training.  This class will be done over the Internet with the trainer in a conference call with you (and your staff) and you’ll all be watching the same PC pages at the same time.
  5. Once your date is set for training we’ll contact you to arrange for your data conversion, if needed
  6. Your eGrabber license key will be ordered, if purchased
  7. If there is a data conversion, it will be scheduled just prior to your ReloSpec Basic training class
  8. You’ll hold the first class (ReloSpec Basic training) with the trainer
  9. The second class for the Report Generator software installation and training will be held
  10. The third class for the eGrabber software installation and training will be held, if eGrabber was purchased





Updating User Information, Adding New Users

As soon as you have been given a ID and Password, you may log-in to your ReloSpec Database.  Each User is identified when they log-in by their ID & Password.  It is essential to using the program that each User’s Profile is set-up in the database.


The VERY 1st thing you must do is enter your User Information.  When you login to the database, your ID and Password are checked against the entries in your Users table.  If a match is found, the information in your user profile is temporarily stored in your PC's memory for use in forms and in other ways within the Relocation Specialist software.   


To Add or Update your User profile Information:  

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  1. Go to the login page at

  2. Login using your User ID and Password.

  3. From the Main Menu click "Utility Settings".

  4. Click on the "Users" link.

  5. If the Username has not been entered you can select the RED “Add New” button and enter the information for each field.  If the Username has been entered and you want to edit the information,  select the record you want to edit by clicking on the number next to the name, click the UPDATE button at the top of the page.

  6. When completed with the record, click the ADD NEW RECORD button is this is a new record, or the UPDATE CURRENT RECORD button if this was an existing record that was being updated.  

NOTE:  The administrator should leave the “User Group” as Admin.  This is a security setting (not your title) and it allows you to access all areas.  Changing this from Admin may lock you out of certain areas.  For other users, the administrator may select the User Group setting that is appropriate.

NOTE:  Do not change your Username and/or Password without first consulting a Relocation Specialist employee, as the system may not recognize your ID and Password.  If you would like these changed please ask us to facilitate this process for you.


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What is a Security Group?


Security groups will provide security levels for all users of the Relocation Specialist software.  The security groups are set by the Administrator for each customer database using the Utility Settings, Users table.


The purpose of the User Groups is to provide consistency and control; especially with the entering of Agents and Contacts to referrals. 


The following identifies the User Group and the rights associated with each group:


ADMIN (or ADMINS for users upgrading from the server version of Relocation Specialist)  

Members of this group have access to all areas, including Utility Settings.



Members of this group have access to everything except the Utility Settings.



Members of this group may not access the Utility Settings, and this group does not have the ADD, DELETE, UPDATE or DOWNLOAD navigation buttons for any of the Agents or the Contacts pages.  In addition, members of this group may UPDATE or DELETE any of the Notes once they are entered.


If, when a user logs on to Relocation Specialist, they find they no longer have access to the Utility Settings and need that capability, they will need to check with their administrator who does have that right and ask them to change their User Group to ‘Admin’ so they can access the Utility Settings.


NOTE:  If a User cannot access the Utility page to UPDATE or ADD NEW Agents or Contacts, you will need to assign at least one person to be responsible for these changes so your database stays current.  Many do not use Security settings at all; it is not a requirement, but rather an option.

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How do I Assign a Security Group?

  1. From the Main Menu click “Utility Settings”.

  2. Now click on the “Users” link.

  3. Select the name of the person for whom you wish to assign a Security Group.

  4. Click the red UPDATE button at the top of the page.

  5. Scroll down towards the bottom where you will find the field that reads “User Group (Required):".

  6. Select the User Group you wish to assign.

  7. Click the 'Update Current Record' button at the bottom of the page.

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Why am I getting a yellow error box when I login?

If you have not previously entered your user profile information in the Users table, you are allowed to log-in as we have enabled your information on the server, but your system does not yet recognize you as there is no matching Username & Password in your Users table to associate you with.  You must add your User information to eliminate this error box.


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I have added a new User, so why can't they login?

All Usernames and Passwords are entered in two places; in the Internet login database by a Relocation Specialist employee, and in your Users table by your administrator.  We control who can login to your database and you control what they can do once they login.  This is how we ensure that each customer is only accessing the system given the number of licenses they paid for.  If you would like to make a User change, add a User, or simply make a password change, please notify us ASAP so we can make the necessary matching changes in the Internet login database.


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How do I add a 'ReloSpec Login' icon to my PC's Desktop?

To make it more convenient to open a web browser, go the the Relocation Specialist website and login to the software you can add an icon to your PC's Desktop.  That way, when you're ready to use the software, you simply click the icon and you're taken to the Main Menu.  To setup the icon, do the following:

  1. Open a web browser window and go to:

  2. Login to Relocation Specialist using your ID and Password.

  3. From the Main Menu, click File, Send, Shortcut to Desktop.  A new icon labeled 'ReloSpec Login' will be added to your PC's Desktop.

NOTE:  Though not as quick, it would be more secure to skip Step 2 above.  That would force the user to login each time someone used the Desktop icon.


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What to do next?  (Offices, Agents and Contacts)

After getting your user profiles entered in the Users table (see the steps listed above), you'll need to enter your Office(s), Agents and Contacts.  Ask your Relocation Specialist representative for help with transferring your agent or contact information from your existing records.  Common methods of data that may be converted are spreadsheets, MS Access tables and CSV files.  Instructions for entering Offices, Agents and Contacts are found in the Utility Settings page.


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