Proposed Agenda for ‘Live’ Seminars

To be held in Las Vegas (Feb 25, 2013) and Phoenix (Feb 26, 2013)


Morning Session

Welcome & Introduction

Latest features for ReloSpec, and how to use them

Utility Settings page

Updating User Settings

Editing the Email Signature

Changing the IDs/Passwords

Updating all MgrConsultants in Referrals and ToDo Items

Automatically check your browser settings

Modify Referral Types then update all affected Referrals table records

Automatic features you may not know about

Using the AutoAssign and AutoAccept forms

Automatically open the Tickler upon login

Modify Agents table settings then update all Referrals records

Creative ways to use the Action Plans

Automatically assign ToDo Items using Action Plans named for Referral Type

Use differnt set of Action Plans for 'Pending' and 'Closed' records

Generating Standard reports

Creating and storing up to 4 Custom Financial Reports

Action Plans

How to create, edit

How to get more done in less time


How to create and use

How to automate the process

Responses page

How to use more efficiently

How to automatically send updates to Contacts from Responses

Forms and the Body of Letter

How to create your own custom letters and send automatically

How and when to use attachments

How to use 'drip email marketing

How to use custom forms (Cartus and others)

Using the Customer Survey form

Afternoon Session


Going paperless is great!

Uploading, using photos with Email Signatures

How to store, email selected images

Creative uses for Images option

Business Rules

How to automatically send AutoPilots and other Emails

Have the database create and email reports at scheduled times!

Monitor database for needed alerts, texts and emails

Importing records from Outside Sources

Get records automatically from Broker Center, Xchange and other sites

Import records automatically from your company website(s)

Advanced Reporting

How to find the report you need

How to save, export or distribute reports to others

How to get the results you need

Best Practices

Show & Tell by ReloSpec customers

Using outlined proceedures from Cartus, LeadingRE and others

Customizing the User experience; Email Signature, Access levels, etc.

Question & Answer

Any ReloSpec topic