James Evans
ReloSpec Software, Founder & Owner

Though his degree is in Biology, most of Jim’s professional life has been spent working in the High-Tech Industry. As Director of Sales with HunTel Communications, he engineered the introduction of many innovations that helped streamline work and increase sales for the Company. One of those innovations was a software database that tracked the ordering and implementation of network servers and telephone systems. As a favor to one of his sales reps, Jim met with a customer’s wife who ran the relocation department of a local real estate company. They were interested in creating a database for tracking their relocation department’s activities. Jim recognized the need and the opportunity, and ReloSpec Software was born!

Jim continues to love living and working in Omaha. He travels extensively throughout the United States attending Relocation Industry Events and introducing current and perspective customers to all the cutting-edge technology ReloSpec Software continues to introduce.

When he is not working, Jim spends every possible minute enjoying his family, and hobbies. Married since 1976, Jim and his wife have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Jim loves to play tennis having played in high school, college and even getting to play with the likes of Robert Redford and Billie Jean King.

The Evans’ also love to travel, especially to Europe. When Jim is not soaking up time with his family he has several hobbies to keep him busy including cooking, woodworking, model railroading, bicycling, gardening and volunteering.

Jim loves to communicate with the ReloSpec Customers and invites you to drop him a note anytime!

A Word From Jim
"Just about everything you find in the ReloSpec Software is there as a result of a customer saying something like, "I love ReloSpec, but there is just one more thing that would make it perfect." We have never advertised in national publications, but have grown by ‘word of mouth’ and that makes me very proud. We have listened to the customer and responded quickly with what have proven to be great solutions. I love what we do because we are always working towards a common goal…customer satisfaction, and a superior product that makes things better for our very loyal customers. The feedback I get from my customers, and my employees, makes me so very proud as the Founder of ReloSpec Software."

Jennifer Joffe
ReloSpec Software, Director, Client Services

Jennifer graduated from the University of Oregon, with a Bachelor of Science. She then worked in the Press Office for The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. Deciding she missed the West Coast Jennifer moved to San Francisco where she worked as a Corporate Event Planner. After 7 years in San Francisco Jennifer and her Husband decided to move back to the Seattle area where Jennifer grew up. Upon returning to the NorthWest Jennifer found herself in an exciting role as Director of Operations for Windermere Relocation WA, OR & CA.

When assigned with the job of either locating a product, or having one created, to track Windermere’s growing Relocation business Jennifer was first introduced to ReloSpec Software, and she fell in love with the Product.

As a Customer of ReloSpec Software Jennifer was blown away by how eager the ReloSpec Team was to find ways to meet her Organization’s growing needs, which often included adding new features! Today Jennifer is proud to lead the ReloSpec Team in servicing your needs, and excellent Customer Service and turn-around times are her chief priorities.

Jennifer joined Jim, and the ReloSpec Team, in 2004 and loves the flexability, challenges, and innovation that her position allows. She feels strongly in good, solid Customer Service and most of the year she is "wired" regardless of her physical location, so that she can make sure her Customer’s needs are being tended too. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself speaking to Jennifer while she is at the zoo, aquarium, or attending a class with one of her Children as Jennifer conducts all of her business while being a stay-at-home Mom.

When she is not working, Jennifer enjoys time with her Husband, their 5 year old Son James, and their three year old Daughter Joelle. Family vacations, and summer’s in Hood Canal, Washington are her favorite adventures. Enjoying Seattle’s fabulous eateries, kayaking, wine-tasting, and travel to sunnier-destinations are some of Jennifer’s favorite pass-times. Jennifer also writes a food blog, focusing on clean-eating, sustainable foods, and farm-to-table cuisne.

Jennifer loves corresponding with her Clients, and would love for you to drop her a note!

A word from Jennifer
"I left my previous position when I was 5 months pregnant to be at full-time Stay-at-Home Mom. When Jim aproached me about possibly working for his Organization, I explained to him that my priority needed to be my newly growing Family. Jim convinced me I could do both, and though I was skeptical I signed on at 6 months pregnant with my first child.

I feel blessed to part of an Organization that understands (and encourages) family come first. I think that is why our Customer’s love us so much. We treat them like family, make them a priority, and together we have all created an atmosphere where things get done, and there is appreciation and understanding regarding the process that takes place.

I am fortuante to have it all. A job I love, working for a Company I believe in, getting to work with the BEST Customer’s in the WORLD, and 5 years in, I can say I have not missed one important first step, first word, or first day of school. Does it get any better than that? I am not sure it does!"

Sue Farley
ReloSpec Software, Senior Trainer

Sue received her teaching degree from Monmouth University in New Jersey, and her associate’s degree in computer science from Broward Community College in South Florida. Sue is proficient in the RPG, RPG2 and COBOL programming languages, and spent 10 years developing programs for a number of up and coming companies in the South Florida area.

Married for 31 years, Sue took time off in the 1990’s to raise her 3 children, and moved the family several times from the East Coast, to the West Coast, and back to the East Coast in support of her Husband’s career.

In 2000, residing in the Connecticut, area Sue returned to her first love teaching where she taught middle school math for 4 years before moving to Central Florida in 2004 to care for her Mother.

Sue worked for one of the largest realtors in Central Florida, in the relocation department, when she was introduced to the ReloSpec Software product. Sue was impressed by the ease of use and feature-rich ReloSpec Software product. Sue replied to a ReloSpec Software add for a trainer in 2005 and was hired on-the-spot!

When Sue is not working, she enjoys traveling with her husband and friends and has been to Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii multiple times, and the Caribbean at least once a year where she maintains a timeshare. Sue also enjoys cooking, entertaining friends and is active in her community.

Sue loves talking with her customers so please feel free to contact her anytime!

A word from Sue
"I love my career, and enjoy working for ReloSpec Software from my home where I participate in training, support calls, and sales. I work with customers from all over the country and will always answer the phone or respond to an email regardless of the day or time. I also believe that working with people you like, and respect, makes all the difference in the world, and I feel blessed to have a fantastic working relationship with Jim, Jennifer and others we collaborate with."