Yvonee Greeley
Relocation Director
Frank Howard Realtors

Relo Spec has streamlined my job in so many ways! Being the only one in my Relocation Department with 14 Offices and over 480 Agents, I wouldn’t be able to handle the work load without Relo Spec! I can send out update requests with the click of my mouse. I can see all of the updates on Referrals with the click of my mouse! With 460 Active, Open files this is invaluable to me.

The Reports are excellent and easy to manipulate. I am able to provide Management with the information they need with just a few quick keystrokes!

I can’t say enough good things about Relo Spec – I recommend it without reservation.


Yvonne Greeley
Andrea Butterfield, CRP
Relocation Director
Tomlinson Black Real Estate

We have been using Relocation Specialist for about 4 years now and we love it! The program is easy to use and the web version makes it easily accessible from anywhere. My favorite feature is Auto Pilot, it makes follow up quick and easy for us and simple for our agents to respond back in a timely manner. The report program generates wonderful reports for our owners and managers. We have been very pleased with the customer support and have found that they are always open to new ideas and enhancements to make the program even better!

Rebecca Williams
Relocation Department
Century 21 Alliance NJ

Egrabber software pays for itself out-of-the-box. I cannot overstate the value of this feature. It’s wonderfully simple, yet a powerful tool for increasing productivity. We saw the difference immediately in time saved completing referral files. I highly recommend it!

Robin Begina
Relocation Director
ERA King Real Estate Co., Inc.
Anniston, AL

If you need to save yourself some time and save keystrokes too, there’s nothing better than eGrabber. When I first heard there was a program that would copy a referral out of Broker Center and put it into Relo Spec, I was at the front of the line ready to buy. Our company is able to run a one person Relocation department with the help of this software but any company could enjoy it’s benefits. After using eGrabber for more than 3 years, the man hours saved and the keystrokes avoided are staggering. I could probably take a week’s vacation with the time eGrabber saved me and I know the health benefit has been significant. Carpal tunnel is NOT our friend!

Binnie Jo Maselle
Century 21 Maselle & Assoc
Jackson, MS & Memphis, TN

Just a brief note to tell you how useful we find ReloSpec’s imaging feature. Our referral coordinators are able to attach any and all documents to their specific files…with just the click of the mouse it’s at our fingertips!! As you can imagine…this is an unbelievable time saver. And we’ve also appreciated not having to keep the “paper trail” that’s been such a nightmare in years past!! Thanks so much for all your innovation! And also for helping us go “green.”

Maxine Frutkin
Relocation Director
Prudential American Associates

I cannot say enough positive about the 'image' feature on ReloSpec! The ability to scan, upload and access all of our ERC BMA's, contracts, disclosures and paperwork is helping our office run more smoothly as well as towards our goal of being mindful of the environment and using less paper. This wonderful feature also allows me to access the entire file while I am away from my office and permits me to provide excellent service and quick response time to any file no matter what time or day of the week. This feature should be considered by every Relocation Department in order to run efficiently, provide top notch service and to save time and money!

Sylvia S. Pacheco, GMS, RCC
Relocation & Corporate Services
McEnearney Associates, Inc., Realtors
Serving DC, MD and VA

Dear Jim,
I just wanted to express how thrilled I am with your new Images feature. When I first heard of it, I said hmmm, how is this going to simplify my work? Well, as soon as I tried it I changed my mind really quick. Now I don’t have to search in different file folders for copies of contracts, disbursements, HUD copies, etc. Some of our contracts have close to fifty pages and I haven’t had any problem saving them. The documents can also be printed, e-mailed right from Images. It’s so wonderful to have all the information pertaining to one client in one place, and best of all is that all of us in Relocation can access it at any given moment.

Thanks to you I have more time now to devote to my Referrals.

Kathy Connelly, SCRP
Senior Vice President, Corporate Services

As a multi-office company we have found the “referral submit form” in ReloSpec to be a great asset as we work to create efficiencies with our outgoing referrals. It is great! The agent or the referral ambassador in the branch office simply goes to our intranet site fills in the customer and referring agent information and then simply clicks the submit button. The information imports into our system. We can see when items are in the import table and can accept the referrals directly into the database. This saves time and eliminates dual entry making the team much more efficient. Our team loves it!

Sandra Collins, CRP
CENTURY 21 H T Brown Realty

We added this feature to our agent forms section on our website and it has saved me many keystrokes! I get the completed form in my import table, click a button and then I can immediately work on placing the referral with a broker! No more typing first, which is a blessing! Easy to use and my agents seem to like it. Worth a try!

Holly S. Hackett
Director, Business and Relocation Services
Skogman Realty, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Skogman Realty and Relocation Services has used the Relocation Specialist software for the past 6 years. With its web-based design it is easy to use from virtually anywhere you have a computer and internet access. I love the convenience. Jim Evans and his staff make it easy to ask for help or make suggestions with the Relocation Specialist Help Desk. I have taken advantage of the many Web Seminars that are available too. They provide some great Tips and Tricks! My favorite part of the system is their AutoUpdate form. It is so easy to follow-up with agents and gather feedback. On any given day I can send out 50 update requests with just two clicks. I can process their responses just as easily. A “drip campaign” works as smoothly too. If you are looking for a software package to manage your relocation business, I highly recommend Relocation Specialist.

Karen I. Asano, Relocation Director
CENTURY 21 Homefinders of Hawaii

Our company used to use “another” program, however, we could not find anyone to reactivate our account when it froze so I lost all my data. I tried the Top Producer program but found it too hard. I found the support system (ReloSpec) is great for new accounts even though I'm such a slow learner. I know the program is much more powerful, but it helps me to keep track of the many referrals I have. I am a "one person" division so it's helpful to have the system automatically request for updates.

Michelle Simonsen
Prudential Metrowide Relaty
General Manager

We have worked with Relo Spec for a about 1.5 years now and I cannot begin to praise the services of Relo Spec, the help from Jim Evans and the quality of the program.

Relo Spec has truly made our business flow improve 100% from the old software. Any thing that we can a Broker can do to help push the services of Relo Spec through at Prudential and allow Prudential to give Relo Spec the ability to upload the forms into their system would again only go to help enhance the services your relocation offices provide to Prudential and its clients.

Ryan Carrell, CRP
Director of Relocation and Client Services
Carpenter Realtors

We have been using Relocation Specialist for over 5 years and highly recommend the system. It is extremely reliable, very user friendly, and Jim’s team has been very accommodating in adapting to our needs as we have continued to grow the scope and size of our business. Data integrity is paramount and I can say with confidence we have never lost a file in this system. We now track, monitor, and report all of our relocation and client services business through Relocation Specialist, including direct capture of our company Internet leads. I would highly recommend the system for large and small companies alike.

Sandra Collins, CRP
Century 21 H. T. Brown R.E., Inc.
Serving MD/DC and Relocation Needs Nationwide

I was hesitant to switch to the internet version of Relocation Specialist, I loved the original server version. I have to admit that having access to it from home or offsite has been invaluable, especially during inclement weather or weekends to have a staffer check for new assignments and load the information into ReloSpec immediately. Especially time saving is the autopilot updates our agents use. It's great getting an update and clicking it into the system in one step!

Jim is very responsive to his user's needs. In my 20+ years in relocation, I have never had a vendor understand my relocation needs and be so innovative and also open to suggestions! Try it, you'll like it!

Cathy Cape
CBSHome Real Estate Corporation
Omaha, Nebraska

Relocation Specialist is crucial in maintaining our department’s organization. The ability to access reports instantly is our lifeline.

Katherine Gunner
Best Relocations, Ltd.
Greenwood Village, Colorado

We have had a lot of positive response from our Corporate Clients on how we can email updates and reports on their employees directly from the software. Our clients find the ‘Notes’ and ‘Reports’ very easy to read and very detailed. We’re very happy with the Relocation Specialist.

Andrea Butterfield, CRP
Tomlinson Black Real Estate
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

I have been using Relocation Specialist for the last 6 months and I love it! A couple of my favorite features are the email capabilities which allows me to contact my agent, my clients and the referral contacts easily, and the"AutoPilot", which makes processing my updates a snap! The technical support is wonderful.

Sandra Collins
Century 21 H.T. Brown
Laurel, Maryland

Readily available to answer questions every time I call!

Adrienne Caron
Sacramento Valley Relo Alliance
Roseville, California

Thank goodness there is finally a great relocation software program available. The reports are wonderful, it’s easy to use and allows for future expansion. The benefits are noticeable every day at work and while traveling!