User Guide

Relocation Specialist, Web Version

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Table of Contents

Welcome to Relocation Specialist


        Software overview

        New Installation, Configuration and Setup

        Who to Contact

Getting Started

        Adding/Updating User Information

        Security Groups

        How do I add a 'ReloSpec Login' icon to my PC's Desktop?

Main Menu

        Referrals List

        Referrals List with Email Addresses

        Print Reports

        Tickler (Reminders)

        Utility Settings

        Your Database ID

        The 'What's New' link

        The number of records in your Import table

        The Time-out Warning box

Utility Settings


            Notes for Agents

            Languages Spoken by Agents

            Training Classes for Agents

            Areas worked by Agents

        Favorite Forms / Favorite Reports



        Activity Types table (used with ToDo items)

        Uploading files for Email Attachments

The Referrals List


        To Do List

                Action Plans


        Alternate Agents



        List Prices






                How eGrabber works

                eGrabber installation and configuration

                Importing records from Broker Center

                Importing records from Lending Tree

                Working with the eGrabber Toolbar

                How to install and use the database Clear Tool

                Uploading records to ReloSpec

                Updating a Template


                How do I open the Import page?

                How can I know if a record in the Import table is a duplicate of an existing record in the Referrals table?

                How do I import records from the Import table to the Referrals table?

                How do I delete records from the Import table?


                How Do I Create A Custom Letter? (Body of Letter)

                How Do I Create A Letter With Internet (HTML) Symbols?

                How do I keep my letter from looking like One Big Paragraph?

                Is there a list of Available Forms to Print?

                How do I use the optional Referral Submit form?

                How can I send email attachments manually?

                How can I send multiple email attachments?


                What are 'Favorite Reports' and how do I select them?

                Where are the reports I used to use?

                What is the 'Results' report and how is it used?

                How can I have my Tickler open automatically upon logging in?

                What records does the default Tickler page display?

                Can I view Tickler records for ALL users?

                How can I select the record in the Referrals table that matches my Tickler item?

                How to run a Tickler report  (How do I run a list of my To Dos for each day?)

                What is the 'Days Old' column and how is it used?

                Are Responses in the Tickler removed automatically?

Frequently Asked Questions

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